RHS Math Teacher Renews National Board Certification

Mrs. Tami Clarke, a Math teacher at Rockridge High School is one of 127 teachers across the state of Illinois to certify and one of the 336 teachers to recertify as a National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT). Mrs. Clarke has completed the rigorous process to recertify as a NBCT.

The National Board Resource Center at Illinois State University is excited to celebrate and congratulate these teachers along with thousands of other educators currently pursuing Board certification – seen as the profession’s mark of accomplished teaching.
National Board Certification is achieved through a rigorous, performance-based assessment of a teacher’s pedagogical skills and content knowledge. The certification process generally takes one to three years to complete.

A comprehensive study by the nonpartisan National Research Council found that students taught by Board Certified Teachers make higher gains on achievement tests than students taught by non-certified teachers. NBPTS is also impacting education nationwide through additional professional development programs for school leaders as well as strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations seeking to improve America’s schools through research and development initiatives on education policy and practices.

The teacher quality movement in Illinois has made impressive gains over the past several years. As of 2021, Illinois ranked sixth in the nation for overall number of Board Certified Teachers, fifth for number of new NBCTs, and fourth for number of renewed NBCTs.

“We are pleased to honor and recognize Mrs. Tami Clarke for her commitment to renewing her National Board Certification. This demonstrates her dedication to her own professional growth as well as her dedication to the students at Rockridge High School,” said Katy Hasson, RHS Principal.

While state licensing systems set the basic requirements for teaching in each state, National Board Certified Teachers have demonstrated advanced teaching knowledge, skills, and practices. NBPTS certification identifies qualified teachers as leaders in their field, much like the certifications earned by experts in law and medicine. In short, NBCTs embody the quality of education that families want for their children.