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                                             2021-2022 School Calendar BOE Approved 6.15.2021


  • FINANCIAL:  To constantly maintain fiscal diligence in all matters and to specifically monitor annual ending fund balances, cost and effectiveness of programs, and local tax rates.
  • STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT:  Promote standards-based educational achievement for all students.
  • COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP:  Continuously develop and maintain effective ways for the parents/staff/students/community members to participate in the Rockridge District Learning Community.
  • STAFF DEVELOPMENT:  Continuously develop and maintain effective ways for professional development for the Rockridge staff.
  • FACILITY:  To conduct a ten year health/life safety survey.  The survey will provide a basis for future facility decisions.


The School Board desires that the District’s youth develop into educated and active citizens. The Board is committed to the task of developing in every child an understanding and appreciation of the forces and ideals which have made America great and a sense of personal responsibility as future citizens of this country. Providing a comprehensive program of studies and activities is the basis for enabling each student to become an intelligent participant in our American Democracy. As members of the School Board, it is our responsibility to insure a proper educational environment. The educational programs of District #300 should allow for the individual interests and needs of students and, also, be sensitive to the expectations and demands of parents and the Rockridge community. In applying this philosophy, the following objectives will be used as a guide for the schooling of our students:

  • KNOWLEDGE:  Provide a comprehensive and challenging curriculum which provides opportunities for students to become actively involved in the process of knowledge acquisition.
  • SKILLS:  Provide vocational programs which match specific skills with the interests, needs, aptitudes, and aspirations of the individual students.
  • THINKING PROCESS:  Provide opportunities for students to be creative, analytical, and critical which helps students to identify problems, seek alternative solutions, and generate new ideas.
  • SELF-CONCEPT:  Promote the development of a positive self-concept by providing opportunities for students to be successful.
  • RESPONSIBILITY:  Provide opportunities for students to make decisions and assume the responsibility for their own behavior.
  • SOCIAL EFFECTIVENESS:  Provide opportunities for students to develop the ability to relate to other people and to accept the differences of others.
  • POSITIVE ATTITUDE TOWARD LEARNING:  Promote a positive approach and environment in which students acquire knowledge and skills